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Unanswered Questions

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Is my heart destroyed?

I don’t know what to say, what I’m supposed to be, even don’t know what I feel, don’t know what I should think about that … why this happens to me?

I’m so confused between seeing the past, expect the future or live my present, feel like it’s the most difficult period in my life time and it’s just a joke ‘cause I know that life is more than that.

Life is unfair, hard & beautiful in a same time, not so long but why is she so complicated? Still asking questions and everything is unclear in my head, where to find answers? Another question without light, I walk in darkness … blindly in love, feeling so alone, so understand less, tired to be the only soldier in the war’s area of life!

Shakespeare sad that the question is “to be or not to be”, I think that he want to say that the question reside in the way that the person wish to be, ‘’not to be’’ seems easier compared to the daily heal of loneliness and fears to give up.

I feel myself concerned ‘cause we all have a same feeling, whatever how we show it, we have the same heart, then same earth, the same sun, the same moon & so many things which gathering us … so why everybody is suffering alone?

Love is the best word in the world, the forgiveness it’s his best friend or his twin, because they must be work together …if we want that love lasts, we must learn to forgive. There is no guilt to do the first step; the shame is to run away without trying to understand the whole situation.

You know, however we have been hurt, we need to forgive in order to end with it. We do it for ourselves not for the others, breaking up with all the hates with which our hearts are felled.

I’ve loved and I have lost, not my heart or my time but the one. This man who knew make me smile and happy even in the hardest moment, he was my sunshine and he still be… not easy to realize that our love is impossible but neither can’t talk to him anymore without telling him how fast my heart is beating for him … God !

I forgive all those people who were the cause of our broke up, I want to make peace with myself and go forward, I made mistakes and I assume it I also ask for their forgiveness because I need to find hope again, I miss my own life !

I will never have it in my life, this man whom I dream every night I’m preparing to see him with another woman because I have no choice, which is the reality, but what? I think I’ll finish my text with other questions that only time will find the answer because I have neither the courage nor the desire let alone the hope that one day I’ll forget.

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